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We know the needs of the players and by offer a quality in our products, as well as an attention personalized to attend to the concrete needs that you could need.

That you want and we will it make real!


We will bring some products or your orders at:

02-03/09/17 World Cup (France)
30-01/10/17 O. Estepa
14-15/10/17 O. Gibraltar
28-29/10/17 Champ. League (Belgium)
09-10/12/17 GP. Milan
13-14/01/18 MJ. Rochefort
03-04/02/18 GP. Paris
03-04/03/18 MJ. Frameries
17-18/03/18 O. Barcelona
07-08/04/18 GP. Lisbon
05-06/05/18 GP. Gibraltar
12-13/05/18 GP. Mallorca
26-27/05/18 MJ. Bolonia

or by postal package……here !


Excel·lent collaborates with GIB MISSION AFRICA. Works to help individuals, families and communities become more self-reliant and prosperous, and strengthening communities to work together to combat the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and economic hardships. Current projects include provision of a Mobile Clinic for rural Villages, rural teacher training as well as health, nutrition and agricultural training. The results - thousands of individuals in Africa will experience profound improvements in their daily lives. Help us. Thank you.