Customized Bases and Complements Table Football Subbuteo

We adapt the bases (yours or new) to your needs. Respecting the regulation FISTF.
We polish and grind the bases.
We diminish height.
We extend or reduce surface of contact.
We improve level of control, improve shot....
All bases sets are especial polished for a maximum sliding.

Everything what you wish we can make it real for you. Consult prices.
High specialization products.

At this moment we have these sets:

Extreme Works NG

Customized: slide (5-10% more).

Bibase, Tribase

All the material Astrobase or All the material Profibase or mixture.
Customized: slide, control, shot.
Between 65€ and 95€.


C3 / Balanced / 65€

C3 / Balanced / 95€

C3 / Balanced / 65€

C3 / Shot / 75€

C3 / Balanced / 75€

C3 / Shot / 80€