The special composition of this wax provides top sliding speed to the bases, thus enlenths the performance time during the game. So it gives a high perfomance on all types of surfaces and eviromental conditions.
0% alcohol. Not Inflammable.

The top players already use it!!!!!

Wet or dry use. Wet: 1 pulse / Dry: 2-3 pulse and leave 12 hours.

20 ml.


High quality. Double protection. Water Resistant. Self Adhesive. Maximum bright. Cut. 12 units (12 same or 11 + 1 goalkeeper). Different measures:

  • Astrobase/Profibase: Bibase and Tribase
  • Extreme Works, Colpani and CC2
  • Real Soccer
  • Tcha4: Arrow and Sniper
  • Others and Special measures.


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